Professional Computerized Truth Verification Services

Is The Person In Front Of You Telling The Truth?
Doubt can feel like a never-ending cloud over your head. Not knowing the full story can drive you crazy, and the craving for certainty can make it hard to concentrate on anything else.

The "what ifs" can be paralyzing. 

What if your employee had something to do with that recent break-in at your business?

What if someone you're in business with is deceiving you?

This uncertainty silently torments you, eroding your peace of mind.

Break free from doubt with a Truth Verification Test by Biodetect Polygraph Services.

Identify the Guilty


Clear the Innocent


Employ with Confidence

What We Can Help You With
Our professionals  can perform a variety of tests  where dishonesty needs to be detected but also where innocence needs to be proven. We render services to a wide range of clients  ranging from private individuals all the way to blue-chip international companies.  

Let us help you with:

  • Screening of new employees 
  • Random screening of current employees 
  • Identifying suspects in criminal cases
  • Verifying facts during investigations
  • Verifying truthfulness of written statements 
  • Assist with clearing falsely accused persons
Upon completion of a truth verification examination, we provide you with a comprehensive report with our findings and conclusions.

A Modern Approach To Lie Detection
Our certified and accredited examiners specialize in truth discovery through cutting-edge Voice Polygraph Technology.

We furter offer conventional Biofeedback Polygraph testing using Stoelting CPS Pro Fusion Software.

With validated question constructs and strict protocols, results are unbiast, reliable and trustworthy.

Why Choose Us?
When personal crises arise, such as suspected infidelity or theft, or when professional verification is needed for legal reasons or job applications, our services offer a trustworthy solution.

Clients often consider alternatives like private investigators but find our methods to be less invasive and more cost-effective.

We understand that you might have concerns about privacy and confidentiality. Our process guarantees discretion, and our comprehensive reporting ensures you receive thorough, reliable results.   
Peer reviewed research and field testing on actual subjects where independent and verified evidence/confessions was available, indicates that trained and experienced examiners can attain accuracy levels between 80% and 98% depending on the type of test performed and the type of questions asked. Considering that the average human has the ability to detect lies without equipment only about 50-54% of the time, computerized truth verification technologies are far superior at getting to the truth.

The good news is that truth verification examiners expect people to be nervous. It is perfectly normal to be nervous in such an unusual situation and being nervous does not negatively affect test results at all.

The examiner will ask you about medicines taken and will take the type of medicine you use into account when evaluating test results. Most common medications have little to no effect on the accuracy of the test results. People who are under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs will not be tested untill such time as they are suitable for testing.
Yes there are counter measures that affect polygraph tests, but truth verification examiners can detect it. If counter measures are detected during a test, the examinee immediately fails the test. There are no known counter measures for voice polygraphs except not answering the test questions.

The truth verification examiner will ask you whether you are pregnant before the actual test starts. If you are pregnant, the test methodology /technology will be adapted. The short answer is yes, you can be tested when you are pregnant.

Test results are normally sent to the person who requested the tests. However, the person being tested has the right to get a copy of the test results.
Depending on how many tests were performed as well as what type of tests were performed, written results are normally available within 24 hours. We understand that most clients want the test results the same day and we strive to provide results as quickly as possible without compromising on quality and accuracy.
Our experience is that bringing another party into the testing room normally has a negative effect on the person being tested as it causes the person being tested to be distracted during the test and this may negatively influence test results. We strive to render a fair, professional and transparent service so we record all proceedings and copies of such recordings will be made available to whomever require a copy. Also, most Union Reps and Lawyers have no formal truth verification training and experience and can thus not meaningfully contribute to the proceedings.The CCMA has very clear guidelines on procedures to be followed during truth verification tests and will not accept the results of truth verification tests that does not meet those requirements. Due to the fact that our reputation is very important to us, we follow those guidelines to the letter. However, in the unlikely event that a lawyer or union rep needs to sit in, their role will be limited to that of an observer where they may observe the proceedings but may not intervene during the proceedings. During the pre test phase, the entire test procedure as well as all the test questions are explained to the person being tested and if the person then feels he/she does not wish to continue with the test, or if the union rep or lawyer advises the person not to continue, the test may be terminated with immediate effect. Also, the test report which are provided to the client, and upon request to the person who was tested, explains all the procedures followed during the test as well as all questions asked with their results. The examiner is also available to testify during subsequent formal tribunals where he/she may be subjected to cross questioning by the union representative /lawyer.
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