22 Aug

Traditional Polygraph tests and the more modern Voice Polygraph (Voice Stress Detection) tests are great tools to assist in a variety of matters. Below are 4 uses for the lie detector test:

1. Identifying suspects in criminal matters

The Polygraph and Voice Stress Detection tests can both be used very effectively to assist investigators to identify suspects in criminal matters. Although it does not constitute sufficient proof of evidence on its own in a Court of law, it does help investigators to focus their investigations, thereby reducing the time required to investigate criminal matters. 

2. Verifying the veracity of written and verbal statements

Often there may be uncertainty about whether statements made by suspects and witnesses in criminal and safety related investigations are the truth or not. This is especially true in situations where no supporting evidence is available or where two parties provided opposing statements. Polygraph and Voice Stress Detection tests may help to provide clarity on whether a statement is credible or not.

3. Identification of involvement in undesired activities

The polygraph and voice stress detection test is a valuable tool in situations where new employees must be appointed or where employees are already employed in positions of trust. Criminal record checks and contacting previous employers  provide information on known previous undesired activities only. This means that if an employee or applicant has not been caught and convicted, there are no official records available. using the lie detector test in these matters may help to uncover previous involvement in undesired activities such as criminal activity, serious breach of company procedures, drug and alcohol abuse and more.

4. Identifying infidelity  

The polygraph and voice stress detection test may assist spouses to confirm whether a spouse is involved in an extramarital affair or not. 

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